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4Cities4Dev is funded by the European Union. The partners are four European cities led by Turin, and Slow Food.



Seven case studies in different African countries were identified as representative of the Slow Food approach, and they have been twinned with the partner cities.


Salone del Gusto - Terra Madre!

Salone del Gusto - Terra Madre!

The project 4Cities4Dev, whose Lead Partner is the City of Turin, will be hosted by the main "Terra Madre - Salone del Gusto" event on October 25 to 29.

In this context, the project -co-financed by the European Union and involving the cities of Turin, Tours, Bilbao and Riga, as well as Slow Food- wishes to describe the peculiar approach adopted by the latter over the years with its commitment to the protection of biodiversity. According to this approach, communities that identify themselves with their own local products can strengthen their cohesion - including environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects.

Slow Food will organize two conferences to disseminate and deepen the themes and results of the project:


Sunday, October 28
h. 12:00pm
Sala Azzurra


Four major European cities (Turin, Bilbao, Riga Tours) are the protagonists of cooperation policies in seven African countries, according to the Slow Food approach, based on the involvement and enhancement of food communities. This conference presents the results of the activities carried out under the project "4cities4dev" co-financed by the European Union.

Moderator: Serena Milano, secretary general of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity - Onlus
Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food
Piero Fassino, Mayor City of Turin
Maurizio Baradello, director of the Service Cooperation and Peace, City of Turin and project manager 4cities4dev
Egidio Dansero, CISAO - Department of Culture Politics Society, University of Turin
Augustin Dioh, Slow Food Presidium salted Couscous island of Fadiouth, Senegal
Angelo Baglio, European Commission, Directorate General for Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid
Simultaneous translation into Italian, French and English


Sunday, October 28
16:00 h Oval - Home of biodiversity


A new publication, produced by the European project "4cities4dev" tells the Slow Food projects in various countries in the South of the world - from Sierra Leone to Malaysia, from Tajikistan to Peru - and invite civil society to get to know them and support them. The conference explain how to approach these realities, scattered throughout the world, and how to create cooperation mechanisms, which require low financial commitments and provide significant tangible and intangible returns.
The book has been produced as part of the 4cities4dev project, where the City of Turin is the lead partner, anf the partnerrs are Slow Food, Bilbao, Riga and Tours.
The city partners and representatives of some communities will talk about their experience in the project and illustrate a model of cooperation that starts from "food" as an engine of change.

4Cities4dev will also be shown through the Travelling Exhibition at "Oval". There you will find a photo exhibition touring the world in images and identifying some of the problems of the system-food atworld level; interactive areas for adults and children will explain the unexpectedly surprising story of foods we think we know well, and visitors will learn to use all their senses to recognize them, while a small garden will be useful to learn how to regain a sound relationship with the earth.
A supermarket-toy (made out of cardboard) will be an opportunity to reflect on our choices: a higher degree of responsibility will have an impact on our small day-to-day actions.

Finally, a video room will host the short films shot in three African countries where the food communities adopted thanks to 4cities4dev by our European partner cities are located. This adoption, promoted by the project, shows how the model proposed can be turned into reality.


The 4Cities4Dev films about Slow Food Presidia

Pokot Ash Yoghurt - Kenya

Harenna Forest Wild Coffee - Ethiopia

Fadiouth Island Salted Millet Couscous - Senegal


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